Wells and Paddy Fields 3370

Excavation surveys in Yokkaichi sometimes lead to the discoveries of water wells in the area. To date, wells have been discovered in six locations. Ruins of Kurube village, as well as of Hobonishi Castle and Ichiba Castle that throw light on castles in the Middle Ages have been unearthed here. The well shown displayed here is a large tube with a stone bottom. Ruins of wells with square frames as displayed here and well sweeps have yet to be found in the area, but the possibility of finding some in the future is high. Ruins of fields, including paddy fields, have also yet to be found. From hoes and other tools found in the area we assume that people at the time worked in fields, but have no evidence regarding their size and scale. The Japanese kanji '畠' was commonly used to indicate fields, and it appears that the current '畑' was a new adoption.