Yokkaichi post town 3400

In the Edo Period, the feudal Japanese government at the time introduced the Tenma transportation system to transport goods and communicate information between Edo (the former name of Tokyo) and Kyoto. Yokkanoichi, through which the Tokaido main road passed, witnessed the construction of inns and taverns mainly in the wholesale trading area and the creation of the post town Yokkaichi-juku. Unofficial post stations called ai no shuku, such as Tomida (between Kuwana-juku and Yokkaichi-juku) and Hinaga (between Yokkaichi-juku and Ishiyakushi-juku) also flourished. They were popular among travelers for the local specialties they served and became synonymous with travel to famous places. In this journey through the Time Tunnel (Jiku Kaido), you will see elements of post towns and ai no shuku that have been reconstructed and replicated.